Robyn Alagona Cutler, MFT

Psychotherapy + Wellness 

In my work with individual adults and couples who are struggling with all sorts of life-stressors, I have found the most effective approach to be one that is warm, collaborative and process-oriented; where the client(s) feels seen, heard and understood. 

Studies show that the one of most important ingredients in therapy is the relationship between therapist and patient. I agree with this wholeheartedly and work from that perspective. 

Attachment, Family-Systems, Relational and Psychodynamic theories are all woven together to inform my work, as well.

I work closely with both individuals and couples on their relationships to self and other. We look at old patterns and dynamics, communication, intimacy, boundaries and connection. 

Individual + Couple concerns include:

family of origin issues, trauma, anxiety and depression,

fertility/pregnancy/parenting/co-parenting, intimacy, relationship issues, communication, separation/divorce, grief/loss, major life transitions and work/life balance and self-care