Robyn Alagona Cutler, LMFT

Psychotherapy + Wellness 

Postpartum Therapy Group for Moms

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The adjustment to motherhood, whether you are welcoming your first, your second or third baby is always an enormous transition. It brings with it a range of emotions that deserve a forum to be spoken, heard and processed. Mamas in the postpartum time (0-1 year) need a space to share the impact that bringing a new life into the world has on them. This group honors that.

This is a supportive, therapy group for moms with babies 0-1 year. These small groups provide a safe, supportive space to process the transition to motherhood. This is a judgment-free zone, where all the pain and glory of the first year can be shared openly and honestly. The group is designed for moms who are struggling with mood and/or anxiety issues related to the perinatal time. It has an emphasis on self-care for moms.

Some of the weekly topics include:

-Pregnancy + birth experiences

-Adjusting to parenthood

-Changing identity

-Parenting with your partner

-Relationships + intimacy 

-Asking for help + setting boundaries 

-Postpartum emotions and Postpartum Depression/Anxiety/OCD/PTSD

Once you participate in a brief pre-screening (over the phone), you can reserve your spot for an upcoming group series. Limited space, sign up now.

*Bring baby, in-arms or come alone*