Robyn Alagona Cutler, LMFT

Psychotherapy + Wellness 

I specialize in Perinatal Mental Health, because I believe that there is nothing more important than providing moms and dads with the support they need to do the hardest, most valuable job there is.


I specialize in Perinatal Mental Health, which means I work with women, men and couples who are considering parenthood, are trying to conceive, are expecting and who are parenting for the first, second or third time. I understand how important it is to have a safe, non-judgmental place to share in an open and honest way what it's really like to become someone's parent- the ups and downs and everything in between. 

Many of the moms and dads I see in my practice are struggling emotionally with some aspect (or many aspects) of parenthood. I help many of them sort through Perinatal Mood + Anxiety Disorders, so they can be fully engaged in life, in the way they want to be. 

I work from a supportive, process-oriented perspective, encouraging families to explore their experiences with me, while assisting them in building confidence, prioritizing self-care and increasing well-being.

Client's Concerns:


-Pregnancy loss / termination

-Changing body image

-Birth experience/ birth trauma

-Adjusting to parenthood

-Your identity as a women/mother

-Parenting with your partner

-Bonding / attaching to baby

-Baby blues

-Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, OCD and/or PTSD

Individual Sessions: Whether you are trying to conceive, are expecting, have a new baby, or are a second or third time parent or are parenting an older child, our sessions together are a time to focus on you. It is a time to pause and take stock of what you've been through and continue to go through everyday. We'll work together to process your experiences in order to make room for new confidences and skills. Moms and dads welcome!

Couples Sessions: These sessions focus on your ever-changing relationship. We'll process what you've been through as a couple, what has changed, and what you'd like to improve upon. We'll navigate these waters together, increasing communication, intimacy and compassion and building a sense of unity and team work.

Parent-Child Attachment Therapy:

It can sometimes be challenging to feel connected to someone you just met. Parent-Child Attachment Therapy assists moms and dads in the process of attaching to baby. I utilize three modalities in this work:

1.) Individual sessions with the parent- here we will process your experience, looking at what's making it difficult to attach and feel connected and build concrete skills to help you feel confident and successful as a new parent

2.) Parent-child sessions- here parent and child will interact, after non-judgmental observation, I will offer concrete tools and skills to help you feel more comfortable and connected to your baby

3.) Follow-up sessions: After one or both of the above is

underway or completed, I offer in-person and phone follow-up sessions for parents throughout the first year of life. This assists in helping parents continue to feel supported and competent even as baby changes and grows.


I offer therapeutic parent-coaching for parents with children of all ages. 

Home-visits offered in the East Bay!

Please inquire.


Signs & Symptoms of Perinatal Depression:

-Anger & irritability

-Lack of interest in baby

-Appetite or sleep disturbance

-Crying & sadness

-Feelings of guilt, shame or hopelessness

-Loss of interest in things that used to bring joy/pleasure

-Possible (but not necessary) thoughts of harming self or baby

Signs & Symptoms of Perinatal Anxiety:

-Constant worry

-Feeling that something bad is going to happen

-Racing thoughts

-Appetite or sleep disturbance

-Inability to sit still

-Physical symptoms like dizziness, hot flashes and nausea